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All forests throughout the national territory that aren’t owned by an individual or entity are public forests. Corruption in the forest sector and a lack of enforcement capacity have left public forests vulnerable to overexploitation and illegal logging (GOH Forest Law 2007; Mongabay.com 2010; FAO 2010; Tucker 1999; EIA 2005). The Constitution of Honduras declares reforestation and forest conservation to be of public profit and national curiosity . There are 102 protected areas comprised of both marine and terrestrial environments. Embalse El Cajón National Forest, Olancho National Forest, Patuca National Park, Rio Negro Biological Reserve and Rio Kruta Biological Reserve are among the many largest protected terrestrial areas.

In complete, the land reform efforts of the GOH distributed 409,000 hectares to 60,000 families. These figures represent 12.three% of total land space and thirteen% of rural families, respectively. Land distribution in Honduras continues to be extremely unequal . In the latest section of agrarian land reform, the GOH targeted on individualizing tenure by parceling collective and state lands.

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The National Autonomous Service of Aqueducts and Sewerage Service provides technical assistance to municipalities. Prior to implementation of the Water Framework Law, SANAA offered piped water and sewer providers all through the country. The Department of Public Works, Transport and Housing is liable for flood control, drainage and land reclamation. Under the Water Framework Law, municipalities are liable for water provision topic to national water policy as governed by the National Water and Sanitation Council and controlled by the Potable Water and Sanitation Regulatory Agency . CONASA is liable for planning, financing and developing strategy and norms, whereas ERSAPS is answerable for sector regulation and control . Under the Water Framework Law of 2003, municipalities have preference over all other users for the aim of providing water for human consumption or discharge of sewage .

The majority of the growth in leases is in land loans – informal agreements between associates, relations and neighbors lacking formal documentation – somewhat than fastened cash leases or sharecropping (Boucher and Barham 2004; Nelson 2003). Under the Constitution of Honduras , all Hondurans are equal earlier than the legislation and discrimination on the basis of sex, race or class is prohibited. The Constitution also ensures the proper to property to all Hondurans. As of 2010, the GOH and the World Bank deliberate to pursue Phase II of PATH, which would continue to advertise cadastral surveying, titling and registration processes, as well as enhance transparency of and entry to land administration services. The program additionally features a part intended to assist INA in collective titling of indigenous lands, explicitly Garifuna and Miskito communities .

The Water Framework Law decentralized water supply management from The National Autonomous Service of Aqueducts and Sewerage Service to municipalities . In addition, the legislation memorializes the primacy of human water consumption . The hydroelectric potential of Honduras is 4645 megawatts. The country has four hydroelectric vegetation, the largest of which is El Cajón followed by Rio Lindo , Canaveral (28.5 megawatts); and Loquat (22.5 megawatts). Many other small and medium-sized hydroelectric projects are presently being developed (EC 2007; FAO 2000). Honduras has the second lowest quantity of water per capita in Central America because of mismanagement of and pressure on water assets.

In an effort to reverse residents’ rising mistrust within the registry, the government transitioned to the folio actual system in the Property Law of 2004. Conflicts ensuing from both system are resolved by the courts (World Bank 2009c; PATH 2009b). Violent disputes between squatters, landowners and police have additionally occurred. In 2008, a gaggle of squatters in Tegucigalpa attacked and killed ten relations of a local police chief with whom that they had a protracted-operating land dispute. In 2010, police and private security guards allegedly attacked members of a campesino group who have been making an attempt to reoccupy a parcel of land from which they had been evicted (Cuevas 2008; WW4 2010).

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Precise knowledge on the nation’s groundwater sources just isn’t available; nonetheless, groundwater is estimated to be ample in the lowlands of the Atlantic facet. In the interior highlands and on the Pacific aspect, in depth irrigation has significantly lowered groundwater levels . Phase I of the Land Administration Program ran from 2004 to 2010, with funding of roughly US $38.9 million. One of the program’s major accomplishments is the event of a new registration system generally known as folio real that connects registry and cadastral information in one central database. As of 2010, Phase II of PATH was within the World Bank pipeline.

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In 1992, the GOH passed the Agricultural Modernization Law, which permitted members of cooperatives to parcelize and sell their holdings. Some smallholders chose to promote their land to giant-scale banana producers, which resulted in the honduras women reconcentration of previously distributed land (Merrill 1995; de Janvry et al. 1998; ILC 1999; FIAN 2000). Throughout the Nineteen Seventies, the poor primarily accessed land by way of the illegal occupation of vacant land.

Of complete annual freshwater withdrawal, approximately 80% is used for agriculture, 8% is used for domestic wants and 12% is utilized by business. Groundwater is primarily utilized by communities with out entry to water systems, urban industries and farmers through the dry seasons. An estimated 95% of the city inhabitants and 81% of the agricultural inhabitants have access to an improved water source. There are excessive rates of intestinal ailments and diarrhea in areas with restricted entry to water and sanitation providers (World Bank 2010a; UN 2006; EC 2007). Of the nation’s 19 river methods, 87% drain into the Caribbean Sea, whereas the remaining 13% move into the Gulf of Fonseca on the Pacific Ocean.

Many of those areas are threatened by illegal logging, particularly of valuable hardwoods (World Bank 2010a; WRI 2006; Triana 2009; IDB 2008; EIA 2005). From 1998 to 2000, the Honduran Ministry of Health and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation jointly managed the Rural Water and Sanitation Project , which cost approximately US $1.three million. Through the project, environmental well being technicians based in municipal well being centers coordinated the development of water systems, as well as skilled and supported communities in sustaining present water systems . The Honduran Water Platform, with help from the government, was created to promote built-in water assets administration. The Platform assisted enactment of the brand new Water Framework Law of 2003 and capability constructing for watershed groups .

These are considered enough to guard smallholders from different claims throughout the locality (Jansen et al. 2005; Nelson 2003). Land conferred in the course of the agrarian reform efforts of the Sixties and Nineteen Seventies is held in non-public or communal possession. However, as a result of poor record keeping, delineation and confirmation of title is challenging or unimaginable. Like ejidos, land granted during agrarian reforms has typically not been disposable . Land in Honduras may be held by the state, by personal landholders or in ejidal holdings. The Property Law was passed to improve the registration and cadastre processes. Specifically, the institutional and legal framework was altered to create a more efficient system of property rights to activate capital markets and to regularize the state of affairs of properties underneath dispute .

The redistribution and titling course of was stalled when the Micheletti and Lobo regimes ousted Zelaya in a military coup. In response, 1000’s of campesinos peacefully occupied the land they believed that Decree had granted them . Evidence suggests that farmland leases have increased dramatically over time, but that the general quantity of leases is still quite low.

In 2006, the Garifuna complained to the Inspection Panel of the World Bank that this system would take away collectively owned lands by way of granting of individual tenures. Community members who own land under particular person title have allegedly been pressured to promote their land to business interests . Minifundistas are probably the most tenure insecure of all farmers. As of Honduras’ most up-to-date agricultural census , 66% of all minifundios weren’t titled. In contrast, approximately seventy six% of latifundios higher than 50 hectares had secure title. However, the rights of minifundistas are bolstered by customary rights, exhibited by deeds referred to as escrituras públicas or oral agreements.

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Under the General Water Law , the right to water is a human right assured by the State. Rights to both surface water and groundwater vest with the state. The regulation states that water is a social resource and requires equal access to water resources. The regulation states that human water consumption is privileged over other makes use of. In addition, the law establishes a National Water Authority to exchange the DGRH, which is underneath the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment .

Phase II, funded at US $30 million, will proceed to advertise cadastral surveying, titling and registration processes, in addition to enhance transparency of and access to land administration providers (PATH 2009a; World Bank 2009c; World Bank 2009e). The Rural Land Management Project ran from 1997 to 2004 and was funded at US $forty two.3 million. The project focused on the modernization of land administration and pure resource management. According to FAO and the World Bank, the project achieved passable results and had a considerable influence on institutional development . Widespread disputes over titles resulted from the previous system of registration called folio private.