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I am glad to give my kids the eye they want so they’re happy. I’m additionally glad to offer my fiance the eye he wants. My fiance and I even have been together for two years now and we’ve not fought as soon as. He’s happy, the children are joyful, and I am happy.

Mom Would Not Want To Pay Son’s Rent While Freeloader Girlfriend Lives With Him

It’ll already be accomplished earlier than everyone will get house. As for sex when ever he wants to…why not?

The complete dwelling association is putting an extreme strain on our relationship. I need to talk along with her about it, but I don’t know what to say without her flipping out on me, getting upset, ect. I’ve introduced up issues to her up to now and shes flipped out to where we wouldn’t converse for weeks.

He’s bringing home the bacon and I take pleasure in sex as a lot as he does…plus I love the workout and love him even more. What is incorrect with right now’s society wanting down on the “I Love Lucy” generation? If it was as much as me I need that generation again. I’m up for equal rights, however I suppose the 1940’s generation hit it right on the top.

He does not pay hire at his mothers, and he doesn’t pay hire with us. He doesn’t have a automotive, so no car insurance coverage, maintenance, or gasoline is being paid. He only pays baby help, and I know the way a lot that is as a result of my sister has advised me and its fairly low.

He lately obtained a new job and is making twice as a lot as he was previously. Now, I don’t have much privacy as we now have our brother in our living room, and now we have the BF. I even have two jobs, full-time Monday-Friday and now 2 nights per week ready at a neighborhood restaurant to keep issues together and to have extra cash. When I’m not at work, I’m normally with my boyfriend at his dad and mom house with them (he lives with them, we’re each younger.) The BF might be home when my sister isn’t, showers, eats, does laundry. I am upset as a result of I don’t see him chipping in; doesn’t buy groceries, or chip in for hire/utilities, to my knowledge. She didn’t talk about having another person move in, simply did it. If I did that she would flip and DEMAND my boyfriend pay lease or pay one thing.

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I actually have awoken in the course of the night time to them doing their business upstairs, and I’ve brought it to my sisters consideration and for a while she didn’t imagine me and just disregarded what I was saying. After a while she did a check and actually realized what I was saying was true, but still fully disregards me after I’m residence and is extremely thoughtless with that. I understand the need to do issues, however I’m residence about 25% of the time. They’re often house alone a LOT, particularly at evening now that my brother has an over-night job. That is what had made me reach my tipping point probably the most. It’s not just that, however my sisters full lack of respect she has for me, not only as a sister but as the 2nd and different sole person on the lease. She seems to think that the townhouse is HER townhouse, and that I am only a guest.


I suppose the lads and girl at present are lashing out at Stay at house moms, keep at house wives, and stay at residence girlfriends because they are jealous that they themselves don’t have the luxury to remain at house. I’m solely 25, however again then as I even have learn children have been so much happier, as a result of they were getting the eye they needed from each dad and mom. Look at today’s society…kids shooting other children at college, bomb threats, and and so forth.

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I hold my dignity, and the free time translates to our youthful years being utterly wonderful. We go on an journey, and I’ve got 10 individuals to meet while we’re there, and he will get to profit off my aggressive social networking, which he doesn’t have time for. In this manner, my half time job frees up time for me to enhance each our social, mental, and profession lives. If you could have energy to spend on a relationship, screw vacuuming.


I’m proud to be a stay at home mother and girlfriend and I’m pleased with all the opposite stay at home people. Don’t listen to any of the negativity surrounding being a keep at home individual.

I work half time, seasonally, and my boyfriend full time. He makes $35K a 12 months, I make $17K However, quite than attempting to create domestic bliss, I add worth to the connection beyond cash. For example, I use my free time to plan cheap weekend adventures, then make videos and publish them online. We make money off the video adverts, and we, as a couple are “SO COOL! We pool our restricted cash and hire a cleaning lady, as a result of we don’t need to implement traditional girls’s roles.

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Within the previous year, she began seeing and relationship her now boyfriend. He used to come back sometimes and never spend the night. He doesn’t have a automobile so she would drive him home. The kids stay with him 2 nights per week and every different weekend. He normally also puts them to mattress around eight and involves our home and both stays over and leaves very early or leaves late at night time.