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Along with events and hookup sites coordinating the site focuses on low level political activity and news. There are private profile listings with text and video comments enabled for associates. It’s ad supported without premium accounts. The site that inspired this post, BigJock, will launch its full featured version on early next month.

In case you’re looking for news and political discussion on your LGBT social media check out Connexion. It is extremely text intensive, site navigation is intolerable. There are listings from all over the globe. ManJam provides listings for houses and rooms for rent or to live in rent free. Niche social networks are probably a viable business since they allow technical operation and an abstract community sense compared to general interest sites that defer to the lowest common denominator or the year old demographic.

Jake calls the planet ‘s largest homosexual professional community. As you can see by the next brief profiles, these sites targeting a demographic with just two traits in common homosexual men are all very different. Paid accounts are per month, per quarter or each year. It’s got all the basics cared for and is appealing.

Free account holders may post profiles, browse the site and receive messages. Ohlalaguys. As there’s a wide diversity of homosexual men in the world, there may be ample room for many different homosexual male social networking sites presuming they’re able to build adequate critical mass for monetization and fiscal viability.

See also Bentlads, another one of these sites. ManJam is probably the most frequently discussed of all these social networking sites. I won’t pretend to speak for homosexual men and I’m sure there are a few sites I’m overlooking, but these seem to be the most talked about gay male social media sites online. Paid members may get into the relationship section of the site, get more storage in their inner mailboxes, get priority invitations to real world events and bring guests, gain access to company briefings along with a range of different items. It will include all the fundamentals plus a Hot or Not picture rating element.

Lots of people want to take part in social networking, but a lot of people prefer networks setup for people they could relate to. Maybe they’ll take a peek inside a niche market for some of our readers and perhaps they’ll be links of love for others. If hot unclothed chests are exactly what you are looking for then ManJam might be where you want to go. It’s a fairly straightforward social networking site that has a good feature set.

Free membership gets users access to rental listing details, IM, video and sound messaging. We had been contacted today by the creator of the shortly to launch social networking for gay men BigJock.com. Finally, homosexual personals that treat you just like a individual, the site says. There’s a professional but fashionable appearance and feel to Jake.

The site is ad free. I tried to note the ones where the men were especially hot. In the proudly professional to the happily hedonistic, there may be something on this list for everybody or at least everybody that ‘s a homosexual man. There aren’t paid memberships available with this nonprofit site but there are a few of quite discreet ads. DList appears like it was designed by somebody from Gawker actually I’m sure it was. Transgendered individuality is encouraged on this site but not sex queer identities out of these predicated on the Male/Female binary. Users are invited to use their actual names and completely free accounts provide only two pictures one for yourself and one for your company’s logo for instance.

OutEverywhere. It lead us to take a look about the homosexual man online social media space and write another overview of some of the current market leaders. Unlike others that dissuade independent commercial activity, this site encourages users to advertise their own businesses and monetize their involvement with the site. And that monkey logo is not to be missed.

You may register today to get an account and enter to win an iPod. This site has best hookup sites site an emphasis on promoting actual world events and places. OutEverywhere is a paid service for women and men in select countries around the globe. If that is the site for you, you’ll probably know as soon as you see it. You may take or leave my reviews of them. It used to be known as Scene and the older landing page is really cute, in a dorky sort of way.

The version which ‘s already up seems very nice however. It’s quite British. In certain ways it’s got more class than some of them. There are job and company listings, many of which are in the Middle East. User sites, topical site blogs to see , a music player on pages.

Without seeing more of what the community is similar to on DList, I imagine this site will be succeed if it could keep its costs down. Lovetastic’s interface is the cleanest, simplest and easiest on the eyes of any of these sites. Connexion is LGBT online media with a .org suffix. BigJock. It requires a distinctive social networking but actually it’s one of many equally branded copycat sites from JuxMedia Ltd.. It doesn’t have the upper class affects of Jake.com but ManJam is hardly for low baggers either. Profiles on this site support transgendered identities.

This site appears solid enough and usability is decent, though I did receive one fuckr . Paid accounts are each month. There’s also a cell element to ManJam. Memberships are . for weeks with a free of charge trial period. There are randomly generated interview questions for nude or shirtless images are illegal. The site is going to be free and ad supported.

Premium members receive entries in any of the categories moved up to the top of their respective listings. Lovetastic says its intention is to bring seniors. The company reports almost , members sending two thousand messages to each other within the past year and attending exclusive actual world events together.

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